Wood Mackenzie and Verisk Maplecroft provide insight and services in key areas

Wood Mackenzie and Verisk Maplecroft, both Verisk Analytics businesses, are global leaders helping customers in the energy, metals, and mining markets make better strategic and operational decisions.

Together, Wood Mackenzie and Verisk Maplecroft offer insights and assets for the energy, metals, and mining markets that can identify and reduce risk exposures.

Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie specializes in providing commercial intelligence for the energy, metals, and mining industries, supplying international and national companies with objective analysis and advice on assets, companies, and markets. The company gives customers in more than 80 countries the insight they need to make better asset investment and portfolio allocation decisions.

Research: Wood Mackenzie has more than 40 years’ experience assessing and valuing thousands of individual assets and companies around the world; evaluating economic indicators; and analyzing market supply, demand, and price trends. Wood Mackenzie’s trusted analyses across oil, gas, power, coal, chemicals, metals, and mining give customers a forward-looking view of the challenges, opportunities, and risks facing their business and sector.

Consulting and advisory services: Wood Mackenzie provides consulting services to help global organizations understand their markets, value assets and reduce risk, and identify and screen opportunities. The company delivers creative, forward-thinking, and independent consultancy services across the upstream oil and gas, downstream gas and power, and metals and mining sectors.

Wood Mackenzie offers expert advice in all areas of energy operations and can guide organizations in negotiations with their customers and suppliers. Our advisory services offer customers insights into their corporate strategy and business environment, improved performance and shareholder value, asset valuation, and transaction support.

Verisk Maplecroft

Verisk Maplecroft helps energy and mining firms navigate the full spectrum of above-ground risks through an unparalleled portfolio of global risk analytics, world-leading analysis, real-time monitoring, and interactive risk calculators. This holistic approach enables clients to pinpoint current threats and identify and monitor risks to business continuity, assets, or corporate reputations — giving them the insight they need to make risk-adjusted decisions across the entire operational and supply chain universe.

Analytics and country risks: Verisk Maplecroft’s fully integrated risk data and sub-national mapping platform allows energy, metals, and mining companies to identify, compare, and monitor more than 200 risks, including terrorism, conflict, civil unrest, corruption, human rights violations, and natural hazards. We support these analytics with in-depth reports that provide comprehensive risk assessments for countries, sectors, or commodities and a range of interactive tools that help companies manage and mitigate key operational and reputational risks.

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