360Value Insurance to Value



360Value® helps you maintain insurance to value through the life of a policy. It provides component-based replacement cost estimates for the full range of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties...
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  • Residential
    A web-based system for estimating replacement costs for the full range of residential properties, including one-family to four-family homes, high-value homes, and condominium units
  • Commercial
    A web-based system for estimating replacement costs for virtually any commercial property, including service stations, educational institutions, office buildings, and warehouses.
  • Agricultural
    A web-based system for estimating replacement costs for the full range of agricultural buildings, including barns, dairy operations, and grain-handling buildings
  • Integration Options
    360Value offers various integration options to incorporate replacement cost estimation into your underwriting workflow.
  • Maintaining ITV
    360Value offers several options to update replacement cost estimates through the life of the policy, including automated or batch renewal processing and portfolio-level analyses

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Markel incorporates Verisk’s underwriting solutions into its underwriting and rating workflow.

Find out how Verisk will help Markel make better automated underwriting decisions to support its expanding property programs.

360Value® Components

360Value® is more than just replacement cost estimates. The system helps companies improve risk management and enhance business decisions. 360Value helps you...

  • ISO Risk Analyzer® in 360Value
    A direct integration with the ISO Risk Analyzer Homeowners Building Characteristics Module to let you determine highly refined by-peril rate relativities during the replacement cost estimation process.
  • 360Virtual InspectionTM
    A desktop inspection component that uses aerial images to assess the need for a property inspection
  • Property Prefill
    A service that prefills insurance-ready property-specific information for residential and commercial properties
  • Catastrophe Risk Management
    A direct connection to AIR Worldwide catastrophe data and analysis to support catastrophe risk management at the point of underwriting
  • Management Reports
    A business intelligence application that provides insight into the property-specific data of your policies and property valuation process
  • Policyholder Collaboration
    A web-based feature that lets property owners confirm and edit the building information used to estimate replacement costs