360Value Commercial Replacement Cost Estimates

Unlike other commercial replacement cost estimators, 360Value® provides component-based replacement cost estimates. The true component-based methodology accounts for all labor and material costs needed to rebuild the structure. Like all 360Value estimates, we base the underlying labor and material costs, in part, on actual claims experience, bringing estimates at underwriting more in line with actual claims losses.

Commercial Building

Detailed components

In addition to labor and materials costs associated with general reconstruction, 360Value accounts for an extensive array of use-specific components, such as gas pumps for service stations and walk-in freezers for food service buildings. Additionally, the system adds cost information when appropriate for overhead, temporary construction offices, power charges, architect fees, profits, permits, and other expenses incurred during commercial reconstruction.

Replacement values for the most common building uses

360Value supports the ability to estimate replacement costs for virtually any commercial property, including service stations, educational institutions, office buildings, and warehouses. For multiuse buildings, you can combine individual use types to estimate replacement costs for a wide array of unique commercial structures.

For more information about 360Value commercial replacement cost estimates

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