360Value® Integration Options

Driven by demographic shifts, technological advances, and changes in customer expectations, the underwriting environment is evolving—and insurers need to adapt. From engaging with consumers on any device to integration into your own policy management system, Verisk offers you multiple 360Value integration options to incorporate replacement cost estimation into your underwriting workflow.

360Value Front-End Integration

360Value can integrate into a customer-facing web front end that lets home insurance buyers estimate replacement costs as part of an online quoting process. Our new integration supports replacement cost estimation on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can integrate the option into web-based quoting and/or use it as the standard 360Value interface for agents, underwriters, and customer service representatives.

360Value Web-Based Application

You can integrate the standard 360Value user interface into any policy management system, or you can access it as an independent website. The level of integration depends on your business and IT needs. It can include seamless login, data-pass through and return from your policy management system, and more. Regardless of your integration level, 360Value automatic updates and maintenance will ensure your results are always based on the latest technology and data.

360Value Web Service Integration

You can also implement 360Value as a back end for your policy management system, giving you the ability to estimate replacement costs without accessing the 360Value user interface.

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