360Value - Maintaining Insurance to Value (ITV)

Insurance-to-value (ITV) is a moving target for policies within a portfolio. Changes to rebuilding costs, property renovations, and additions can affect replacement costs over time. To keep pace with the changes in reconstruction costs, Verisk offers tools to help ensure ITV throughout the life of the policy.

360IntelliView for annual renewal updates

360IntelliView combines the reliability of estimated replacement costs from 360Value with the precision of exterior property details derived from high-quality aerial imagery provided by Geomni Property. The data package delivered by 360IntelliView relies on a number of cutting-edge geospatial and remote sensing technologies that enhance valuations and risk assessments while minimizing the need for on-site visits.

You receive comprehensive information to make informed, cost-effective reunderwriting decisions for each renewal. Policyholders get reliable replacement cost estimates to ensure adequate insurance coverage in the event of a total loss. And 360IntelliView conveniently delivers results through a batch process that you can sync with policy renewal expiration dates.

Portfolio insurance-to-value analyses

Verisk can assess ITV at the portfolio and individual property levels. Analyses identify specific properties likely to be under- or overinsured and by how much. When a property isn’t adequately insured, insurers can take action to bring the premium in line with the risk assumed.

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