360Value Residential Replacement Cost Estimates

360Value® calculates replacement cost estimates for the full range of residential properties, including:

  • one-family to four-family homes
  • high-value homes
  • condominium units
  • mobile and manufactured homes

High Value Home

360Value produces highly reliable residential replacement cost estimates based on:

  • a true component-based methodology that accounts for all labor and material costs down to the screws and nails
  • the industry’s most detailed and reliable building cost information
  • a proven cost-modeling methodology that generates reliable estimates with minimal information
  • localization of results down to the 5-digit ZIP code level

360Value also provides extensive options to help users calculate highly refined replacement cost estimates, including:

  • the ability to incorporate extensive details of the property
  • visible system assumptions to let users see the property information 360Value assumes when actual information is unknown
  • options to select the quality grade of the entire property or specific parts of the property, such as kitchens or bathrooms

Taking advantage of its true component-based methodology, 360Value can effectively estimate replacement values for a wide range of residential structures from a single cost engine and application. 360Value can also provide you the market value of each property.

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