ISO ClaimSearch® - ISO Claims Solutions

ISO ClaimSearch® and integrated solutions for improving claims processing and fighting insurance fraud

ISO claims services provide a wide variety of integrated tools to help you at every step of the claims process. ISO's claims-management, analysis, investigations, and support services can help you improve and streamline your workflow and increase service, productivity, and profitability.

At the core of ISO claims services is ISO ClaimSearch® — a comprehensive system that claims and investigations professionals use to find vital data on property, casualty, and automobile claims, including physical damage, theft, and salvage information.

ISO ClaimSearch features a secure Internet platform and a stringent privacy and security policy. The system supplies the data you need to improve claims processing and avoid paying questionable or fraudulent claims. ISO ClaimSearch helps you research prior loss histories, identify claims patterns, and detect fraud.

ISO ClaimSearch serves thousands of insurers, representing over 90% of the property/casualty industry by premium volume. Our system also serves state workers' compensation insurance funds, self-insureds, third-party administrators (TPAs), fraud bureaus, and law enforcement entities.

And to expand the power of ISO ClaimSearch, ISO offers a variety of other powerful tools. The result? You'll improve your claims reporting, investigations and analysis — and fight insurance fraud head on.

This website contains a wealth of information about ISO ClaimSearch and related services. Follow the links for:

  • ISO ClaimSearch — the property/casualty insurance industry's first and only comprehensive system for improving claims processing and fighting fraud
  • Append-DSSM — a service that provides Social Security numbers you can add to claim reports
  • National Equipment Register® (NER®) — information and services to help owners of heavy construction and agricultural equipment — and their insurers — recover stolen equipment
  • ClaimDirectorSM — an expert scoring system that helps you distinguish between suspicious and meritorious claims
  • ISO MedSentryTM — the industry’s first integrated model to detect medical fraud
  • Decision Net® — information to enhance your claims analyses and investigations, including public records, police reports, medical records, MVRs, and information from event data recorders (EDRs)
  • Liability Navigator® — a system for managing bodily injury, workers' compensation, and accident-related comparative-liability claims
  • The NetMap™ Suite of Products — products that use visual link-analysis technology to help you see and fight insurance fraud
  • OFAC Compliance Service — the automated way to check claim payments against the government's watch list of terrorists and drug traffickers
  • SIU Case Manager — a powerful web-based workflow tool that helps special investigation units reduce risk and manage claims and underwriting investigations
  • Workers' Compensation solutions — Carrier and State solutions for the transmission and collection of critical industry claims, medical, and policy data. Single feed methodology for the reporting of FROI/SROI, USR, MED, DCI,POLS & POC. WCS also provides an analytical platform for in depth data analysis and performance benchmarking.
  • ISO ClaimSearch Medicare Secondary Payer Reporting Service – the streamlined way to comply with mandatory claim reporting requirements of Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-173)
  • ISO ClaimSearch NMVTIS Compliance Reporting Service – a service that helps you comply with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) final ruling requirements about providing NMVTIS with reports on salvage vehicles
  • ISO ClaimSearch: Medicaid Reporting Service – A service that helps you comply with the Medicaid reporting and verification requirements in Rhode Island.

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on how your company or organization can participate, call ISO ClaimSearch Sales at 1-800-888-4476. Or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And for other information or services, refer to the ISO ClaimSearch Service Directory.