Conditional Payments

Gain a strong advocate in Medicare disputes to eliminate risk and exposure

The stakes are high when dealing with Medicare conditional payments. With the right advocate, you can save money, mitigate exposure, and ensure resolution of claims. As an industry leader, ISO Claims Partners is uniquely positioned to ensure proper compliance with CMS’s Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) contractors for all lines of business while also delivering maximum cost and time savings.

We have cost mitigation down to a science

Section 111 mandatory insurer reporting gives the Medicare program an unprecedented amount of information on your claims. Using that information, Medicare’s contractors have a direct right of recovery, which can be aggressively pursued by U.S. Treasury collection and federal lawsuits for double damages in addition to letters for recovery requests. When payment dates slip by, interest will accrue.

ISO Claims Partners Conditional Payment Services can help you develop a comprehensive approach to mitigate liability and reduce costs. When we dispute payments, we successfully receive reductions 97 percent of the time, and in nearly 50 percent of those disputes, payment is reduced to zero dollars.

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