CP Link™

CP Link: How it works

The only automated and integrated solution to expedite conditional payments and improve your compliance program

With Section 111 reporting, you’re already sending Medicare all the data it needs to seek recovery on conditional payments. Now you can put that same data to work for you. Addressing Medicare exposure programmatically and taking a more active role in defending against inappropriate recovery claims are what CP Link™ is all about. An ad hoc approach is disjointed and causes compliance gaps, which can lead to noncompliance, lack of insight into risk, missed opportunities for cost mitigation, time delays, and strain on adjuster resources.

Now, with preresolution recovery of certain claims with the Commercial Repayment Center (CRC), it’s more critical than ever that claims organizations address Medicare conditional payments in a holistic fashion integrated with Section 111 reporting.

ISO Claims Partners has developed CP Link—a unique service that overcomes Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance process limitations.

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