Data Collection Services

Within this site, ISO provides insurance data management professionals with vital information relating to statistics, data collection, and quality assurance in one handy resource.

With more than four decades of experience in data collection and quality assurance, ISO uses its statistical expertise to serve insurers, regulators, and other organizations in many ways:

  • We collect and store data on behalf of customers and perform rigorous tests to assure the quality of the information.
  • We use our database to prepare reports that meet the needs of government regulators, insurers, and other customers.
  • We help customers meet their reporting requirements.
  • We provide training and support for personnel involved in data collection and reporting.
  • We develop systems and procedures to ensure accurate data.

Advantages of Statistical Agent Service participation

You may participate for Statistical Agent Service for any combination of jurisdictions and ISO lines of insurance you choose. When you participate for Statistical Agent Service, ISO collects your premium and loss data, processes that data to produce aggregate statistics, and reports those statistics to state regulators on your behalf. The service satisfies your requirements to report statistical data and gives regulators information from many insurers in common formats.

Our data-quality standards ensure an accurate and credible database. And ISO undertakes extensive discussions with — and provides services for — regulators and legislators to promote cost-effective reporting. Our activities often mitigate or avoid burdensome reporting requirements.

In addition, we offer Statistical Web Services (SWS), a collection of integrated online applications that provides insurers with streamlined options for statistical data management and reporting to ISO. Please see our press release regarding the launch of SWS.

When you report detailed data that ISO can use for projecting loss costs, ISO offers financial incentives. Statistical reporting credits are given to companies for reporting timely, complete, and accurate data, according to the instructions provided in ISO's statistical plans. Companies in compliance with all instructions and delivery dates detailed in our filing schedules for reporting changes necessitated by both regulatory data collection requirements and ISO's data collection requirements receive maximum credit. Statistical reporting credits reduce a company's overall ISO charge. (Note: Some data is not eligible for statistical credit. For more information, see Statistical Credit Exclusion Categories.)

In addition to the statistical plans and circulars you receive with your participation, you can order data-editing aids. You can also order reports and other products to help you meet individual state reporting requirements, as well as compilations of your own data, in a variety of automated or paper formats.

For information on Statistical Agent Service charges and credit, call the ISO Customer Support Center at 1-800-888-4476.