Special Statistical Calls

Download Instructions

Before you download documents, we recommend that you allocate a directory on your PC to accept the downloaded material. In Windows, you may allocate a directory on your desktop by clicking the RIGHT mouse button anywhere on your desktop and selecting \New\Folder\ from the pulldown list. Name your folder whatever you would like to by highlighting the new folder, clicking the RIGHT mouse button, and selecting Rename.

Position your mouse pointer on the icon for the document you wish to download and double click the LEFT mouse button. In the window containing macro data, choose "yes" or "Enable Macros". (If you choose "no" or "Disable Macros," you will not be able to access the Excel spreadsheet.)

A window will appear asking you to input your IRD Number and Group Number.

  • For the IRD Number, please enter the first four digits of the company affiliation/participation number assigned to your company by ISO.
  • For the Group Number, please enter the statistical group number assigned to your company by ISO.

If you do not know your IRD number (company affiliation/participation number) and/or your statistical group number, please contact Sheila Hazzard-Kimbrough at (201) 469-2261 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once you enter your IRD and statistical group numbers, you will gain access to the spreadsheet you have chosen.

When you open the file, save it to your desired folder by selecting \File\Save As\ from the pulldown list. Specify the folder and filename you wish, and click Save.

Once you have opened the file, please see the User Notes tab in the Excel workbook for further instructions. The User Notes tab is the first tab in each workbook.

Note: Downloadable files consist of Excel documents that contain forms and instructions only. A link to the circular letter is included. Please note that an ISOnet password is required.

Click on the Excel icon to download the file.

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