Performance Evaluation Program

2015 Annnual Performance Evaluation

ISO’s Annual Performance Evaluation program provides insurers with key quality measures related to the reporting of their statistical data. In addition to information regarding the timeliness and quality of your company's statistical performance, it helps to identify areas for improvement. The Performance Evaluation is also a vital component in the calculation of statistical credit provided to companies reporting timely, complete, and accurate data.

Performance Evaluations for Insurer Groups are available through ISOnet here:

New for this year, we are excited to present the Performance Evaluation dashboard which offers a dynamic and visual way to review your annual statistical reporting performance. You will also be able to compare your performance from year to year. The dashboard allows visualizations for:

overall performance
Overall statistical performance — a summarized evaluation based on overall performance combining various statistical plans and modules. You can view side-by-side comparisons from past years' overall performances.
Reporting volume — separated out by statistical plan and type of statistic
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation — separated out by statistical plan and module with clickable bars to provide a comprehensive breakdown of how individual modules’ grades were calculated on a quarterly basis.

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