MSP Navigator®

Proactive, accurate, claims compliance

Eliminate the guesswork and compliance gaps from your Section 111 reporting with MSP Navigator®. As the premier Section 111 reporting tool, MSP Navigator proactively handles compliance in a way that:

  • considers your organization’s systems and claim-handling procedures
  • minimizes intrusion into adjuster time and workflow
  • saves time while ensuring error-free submissions to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

As the most advanced system in the industry, MSP Navigator not only reports data but also provides analytics that offer insight and guidance to help you manage claims and ensure proactive compliance.

With its easy-to-use interface, clear reports, targeted reminders, and numerous “smart prompts,” MSP Navigator is the best answer to your Section 111 compliance challenges, regardless of the size of your organization. You’ll get efficient, full-service Section 111 reporting and eliminate the risk of costly noncompliance fines.

Trusted data technology leader with experts at the helm

With CMS regulations constantly changing, it’s critical to work with the most reliable and knowledgeable solutions provider. We’ve been a trusted resource for the property/casualty industry since 1971. As a technology pioneer managing approximately 6 petabytes of industry data, we have vast information stores and the ability to automate much of the compliance process. Our dedication to data security is reflected in our investment in world-class SOC 2–certified data centers, which assures your data is safe. Our expert multidisciplinary team has advanced degrees in actuarial science, data management, statistics, analytics, predictive modeling, claims management, law, and medicine.

Thorough, smart, and easy—MSP Navigator gives you the edge

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