NetMap for Claims

NetMap for ClaimsTM is powerful software that analyzes claims information and other data to reveal hidden patterns of activity across multiple claims. The system searches out and displays data from your internal databases, Decision Net® public-records sources, and the ISO ClaimSearch® database — the property/casualty insurance industry's comprehensive system for improving claims processing and fighting fraud.

Find hidden connections with NetMap for Claims

NetMap for Claims uses automated analytical techniques to reveal intricate patterns of fraud perpetrated by claimants, insureds, internal staff members, and providers, including doctors, attorneys, and auto body shops. The software's internal fraud module also analyzes checks and payments within your company.

NetMap for Claims analyzes huge quantities of data to detect fraud and show connections between data elements and claims.

For example, NetMap for Claims will reveal:

  • a claimant in an accident who shares a telephone number with a witness to the accident
  • a doctor who shares an address with the claimant noted on a claim
  • a vehicle identification number (VIN) associated with five people in a single month across multiple claims
  • a claimant in an accident who shares an address with a company employee

Those hidden connections are red flags to fraud investigators. And once you see the connections, you can earmark claims for further investigation.

Version 7 features new investigation capabilities

NetMap for ClaimsTM version 7 includes several new enhancements. Now you get:

  • access to a variety of public-records information, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, property information, bankruptcy information, and corporate information
  • the ability to visualize public-records data and view query results in report format
  • a presentation tool that illustrates your findings in an easy-to-read format
  • geographical mapping that displays where incidents occur to give you more insight into links among data

If you're an NICB member, you'll also be able to import NICB Forewarn Alert bulletins into your NetMap database. And if you're a ClaimDirector scoring participant, you'll be able to query your scored claims in the ISO ClaimSearch system and bring the claims information into NetMap to conduct an analysis.

A product with many benefits

NetMap for Claims will help improve your company's bottom line by supporting investigations of both external claims fraud and internal fraud. Instead of relying on tips and referrals, you can review all of your claims data and find suspicious claims on your own. And you'll be able to compress weeks of analysis into just minutes.

For more information . . .

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