Pre-MSA Plus

Pre-MSA Plus from ISO Claims Partners provides an analysis of the potential amount of the Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) for a claim — together with as assessment of the prescription medications involved. The service helps you determine if a settlement of the case is feasible under the current treatment plan. Pre-MSA Plus also uncovers treatment changes that could mitigate costs and lead to an improved outcome for the claim.


The policy guidelines of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) often complicate or derail settlement — especially when the parties face an unexpectedly high allocation for future prescription drugs. ISO Claims Partners and PRIUM, a leading provider of medical cost management services, have created a tool that brings predictability back into the process.

How it works

With Pre-MSA Plus, you get insight into the potential MSA amount together with a breakdown of the current prescription medications and an assessment of their appropriateness. You also get analysis of possible ways to reduce the costs.

Pre-MSA Plus helps identify the medical and prescription cost drivers up front, so you can work with the prescribing physicians on proactive mitigation strategies — before you submit the case to the CMS. So, Pre-MSA Plus provides a road map for reaching the best possible resolution of each case.

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