Getting ahead of the settlement curve

Pre-MSA from ISO Claims Partners provides an analysis of the potential amount of the Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) for a claim. The service helps you determine if a settlement of the case is feasible — and identify issues you can address before settlement to reduce the MSA amount. So, Pre-MSA is a proactive approach to compliance and resolution.


Because of the current policy guidelines and approaches of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a proposed MSA often disrupts or derails a settlement. CMS has been demanding larger and larger allocations for future medical costs, and that has made it increasingly difficult to evaluate a claim file for settlement potential. To improve your chances of reaching a satisfactory settlement, you need an early estimate of the MSA amount. You can factor that estimate into your decisions on reserving and negotiations.

That’s where Pre-MSA comes in. We give you insight into the MSA and the tools to help settle your case.

Key features

  • Pre-MSA from ISO Claims Partners allows for better analysis of medically complicated files by providing an easy-to-read snapshot of potential exposure.
  • To ensure accuracy, our expert staff analyzes claim-specific factors, treatment behaviors, and prescription drug requirements.
  • Pre-MSA expedites settlement by helping you identify files that may be ripe for settlement and those where you may need additional intervention to address cost drivers.

Here’s what you get

With Pre-MSA from ISO Claims Partners, you get:

  • insight into the MSA amount without the expense of preparing a full MSA
  • information needed for proactive intervention to reduce exposure
  • easy and cost-effective conversion to a full MSA
  • cost savings through proactive claims management

For more information about ISO Claims Partners Medicare compliance services

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