The Financial Effects of Natural Disasters

ISO’s Property Claim Services® (PCS®) compiles and reports estimates of insured property losses resulting from catastrophes. PCS defines a catastrophe as an event that affects a significant number of policyholders and insurers and causes insured property damage of:

  • $25 million or more (1997–present)
  • $5 million or more (1982–1996)
  • $1 million or more (1949–1981)

For each catastrophe, the PCS loss estimate represents anticipated industrywide insurance payments for property lines of insurance covering fixed property, building contents, and time-element losses, along with vehicles, and related inland marine.

This interactive map displays the estimated losses from PCS-designated catastrophes for each state by decade. You can choose to see estimated losses for all catastrophes or select a particular category from the left navigation panel.

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*Within each map, the state or states with the highest losses are red, the states with the lowest losses are yellow, and the states with no losses are gray. The scale differs from map to map.

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