Navigate your way to improved claims outcomes

Navigate your way to improved claims outcomes

Workers' compensation claims departments have long struggled to contain costs of complex claims. What if adjusters could identify potentially volatile claims from day one? What if you had a continuous score that alerted adjusters to these “exploding claims?” You could then take steps to proactively manage those claims for better outcomes. This is wcNavigator®.

wcNavigator is the only predictive model in the marketplace that offers ISO-aggregated industry data to supplement your own historical claims data—providing a more powerful solution that ensures your claims costs stay on course.

Detect hidden issues using comprehensive industry data

Our customers are finding that the model identifies 24 percent of high-severity claims sooner than adjusters do unaided. This early identification allows for quick intervention which can, on average, reduce 10 percent of total claims spend on severe claims.

Robin Duvall, director of Workers’ Compensation Claims from VML Insurance Programs had this to say about her company’s experience implementing wcNavigator:

“Excellent onboarding and implementation…the best we’ve experienced. Follow-up was great, amazingly simple. We have already had success and seen positive results from management becoming involved in these claims earlier and being able to provide guidance to the assigned representatives or reassign claims. Our claims representatives are becoming more familiar with factors and comorbidities…Gaining this knowledge has helped develop our more inexperienced staff.”

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