Workers' Compensation Advantage Report

Complete and accurate information is vital to underwrite a workers' compensation policy properly. Until now, obtaining reliable information has been difficult, if not impossible. With rates heavily regulated, the ability to differentiate risk to drive better selection has been a huge challenge. But now underwriters have a comprehensive point-of-sale report that provides more accurate information to identify hidden risks, avoid premium leakage, and better serve insureds through appropriate rates. Verisk’s Workers' Compensation Advantage Report solves the problem right at point of sale and reveals risks that might have stayed hidden until an audit at renewal.

The report, available through our ProMetrix® ordering platform, validates information up front, including:

  • number of employees
  • type of business
  • property details
  • observed occupancy-related hazards with photos
  • credit history metrics
  • OSHA inspections and violations
  • risk potential of neighboring businesses

We help you make improved risk selection by profiling specific risks based on the presence of certain characteristics. We deliver data, analytics, and metrics you can’t get from any other provider — all in one simple-to-understand report.

Right at point of sale

Perhaps best of all, underwriters get this information at point of sale — before they underwrite the policy. The report eliminates the need to perform days of research or price spontaneously. The data we supply is credible, accurate, complete, and not available from any other single source. You’ll make speedier quotes, adhere to your underwriting guidelines, process more applications, write more profitable business, and better serve your insureds.

For larger businesses, you'll get more accurate information to properly determine exposures prior to a renewal audit. For small and midsize businesses where audits aren’t cost-effective, you get a reliable source of data before you even decide to write the policy.

Ultimately, better pricing and risk management help improve your relationship with your insureds. They can count on their workers' comp coverage when they need it, and you’ll increase your profitability.

For more information about the Workers' Compensation Advantage Report

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