About ISO Workers' Comp Solutions

Deeply committed to the workers' comp industry, ISO has been, for many years, at the forefront of developing groundbreaking solutions and delivering advances that our competitors try hard to imitate.

As a major participant in the workers' comp arena, ISO maintains active relationships with the top industry organizations, working to develop EDI standards and improve the way the industry manages and uses its vast amount of data. Through our work with those groups, we’ve developed ISO’s wcPrism and wcCapture to address the specific needs of regulators, industrial-accident boards, insurers, statistical agents, and rating organizations.

With a dedicated team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals, ISO has consistently remained ahead of the pack, creating innovative products that address current issues and are adaptable to accommodate future demands.

For instance, ISO:

  • was the first to deliver on the promise of transactional reporting for compliance
  • is the first and only “one-stop shop” for automated reporting of all your electronic compliance requirements
  • is leading the way in the development of advanced analytics for workers' comp

We see the future, and the stakes are high. With the right tools, you can minimize risk, maximize success, and improve your bottom line.