wcPrism Detailed Claim Information Reporter

Satisfy DCO requirements for reporting specific claim data elements and values for random samplings of indemnity claims

The wcPrism Detailed Claim Information (DCI) Reporter provides full automation for reporting a random sampling of claims with detailed data elements and values required by all data collection organizations (DCOs).

DCS screenshot - click to enlarge


  • eliminate time and effort needed to manually select DCI reports based on required criteria
  • eliminate compliance mishaps and fines
  • free up IT and business resources
  • improve data quality and reputation within a state
  • ensure all reports are submitted with timeliness and accuracy


  • auto-selection of indemnity claims based on state criteria
  • automatic tracking and aggregation of claim dollars and information
  • edit inventory to uncover potential data errors before submission
  • a “roll-up” snapshot of the DCI report each month for correction analysis before the due date
  • additional optional selection methods for creation of DCI reports for specific claims