wcPrism Injury Reporter - FROI/SROI Claims Reporting

Improve your data quality and reputation within the states you report FROI/SROI

The wcPrism Injury Reporter is a fully automated, business rules engine for the determination and delivery of both first and subsequent reports of injury (FROI/SROI) to all mandatory and voluntary IAIABC EDI Release 1 and Release 3 states.

Injury Reporter screenshot - click to enlarge


  • free up your adjusters from the burden of being an EDI reporting expert
  • improve your data quality and reputation within a state
  • eliminate data entry and keying mistakes
  • eliminate compliance mishaps and fines
  • free up IT and business resources
  • ensure all reports are submitted with timeliness and accuracy


  • automatic determination of required FROI and SROI reports
  • upfront edits for mandatory fields based on individual state requirements
  • automatic submission of FROI and SROI reports to each applicable state
  • automatic receipt of claim acknowledgement reports
  • automatic error and acknowledgement file delivery
  • claims system integration