wcPrism Medical Reporter

EDI medical bill reporting (MED)

A consolidated approach to collecting and reporting all of your medical bill data to the state DCOs that require them.

The wcPrism Medical Reporter provides carriers with a quick and efficient way to consolidate all medical bills into one data warehouse to manage compliance reporting for all state data collection organizations (DCOs).

Med screenshot - click to enlarge


  • consolidate your medical bill data into a singular source for compliance and analytics
  • eliminate the need to maintain feeds between multiple medical bill review companies
  • ensure reporting to states is timely and comprehensive across all regions
  • improve your data quality and reputation within a state


  • automatic creation and reporting of medical bills in the required DCO format
  • state-specific DCO edits for data quality and completeness
  • flexible intake methods for both ANSI and proprietary data feeds
  • ISO’s unrivaled compliance and data expertise