Partnership Program

For workers' comp systems integration specialists, consultants, and claims and policy systems vendors

ISO wcPrism® is committed to developing strategic partnerships that generate mutually beneficial success. Our goal is to enhance your service offering with wcPrism, while also making it easy for you to offer your clients this full suite of automated workers' compensation compliance management products and analytics. With three ways to participate, you can select the program that best fits the needs of your business model. When you become a wcPrism Partner, we will devote a product team to your organization that will provide you with everything you need to understand, integrate, market, and sell wcPrism products to your client base.


Through your wcPrism partnership, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • automated workers' comp compliance reporting, which frees up critical resources for core functions
  • a substantial, recurring revenue stream
  • a more robust, rounded-out offering, which increases your value to customers
  • elimination of manual redundancies and multiple vendors
  • synchronization between your source data and all systems of your reporting entities
  • advanced analytics to help your clients understand their business

Your clients already look to you as a trusted thought leader when it comes to making the best decisions regarding information technology and automated solutions. By partnering with wcPrism, you’ll offer more value to the services you already deliver, provide your clients with the most advanced regulatory compliance solution in the market today, and add an additional source of revenue.

wcPrism Partnership Programs

So whether you’re new to workers' compensation compliance, have either internally-developed or outsourced solutions in place today, or are currently recommending or developing solutions for your clients, wcPrism has a partnership program to match your needs.

Partnership Program Comparison Chart

Referral Partner Program

Business Process Outsource Partner Program

Strategic Partner Program

To learn more about partnering with wcPrism, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.