wcPrism Unit Statistical Reporter

Satisfy DCO requirements for aggregation, valuation, and submission of USRs with ease and accuracy

The wcPrism Unit Statistical Reporter is a transactional-based solution for aggregating, valuating, and submitting unit statistical reports (USRs) to all state data collection organizations that require them.

Unit Statitstical Reporting


  • eliminate mathematical errors in combining totals to manually create and populate reports
  • decrease your annual premium assessment
  • save money by avoiding fines for noncompliance or late reporting
  • eliminate data entry and keying mistakes to elevate and improve your data quality, report card grade, and overall reputation in each state
  • free up valuable IT resources


  • automatic creation of a new USR report each time it receives a policy through a daily transactional feed
  • collection, aggregation, and organization of payment transactions for each claim as they occur over the policy's life
  • a "roll up" snapshot of the aggregate totals populated in the required USR format
  • comparison of snapshot against state-specific edits to help uncover data and reporting issues